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  1. It is influencing your worldview. Anybody who has ever been a policeman, a lawyer, a psychiatrist, an ER doctor, or an FBI agent will attest to the truth that television does not accurately portray their life. In almost all aspects, television 。rarely depicts the world and life accurately. Too much television results in disillusionment about what to expect from the world around us. This can most commonly be seen in people"s expectations of love, romance, and sexuality.
  2. It is influencing your spending habits. If you think you are immune (or too smart) to be influenced by the power of advertisements, you are wrong. Corporations do not spend trillions of dollars in advertising hoping to influence you. They spend trillions of dollars because they know they will influence you.
  3. It is taking you away from the real people all around you. The characters on television are not real. They are thought up in an office building and given life on a piece of paper. In contrast, you are surrounded everyday by real people living real live。s. These real people are facing real problems. They need you. And you need them.
  4. It is robbing you of precious mental energy. When your television is on, your concentration is held hostage. Your mental energy is drawn into the screen and your ability to control it is given up.
  5. It is costing you money. Americans spend over $6 billion per year just paying for the electricity to power their television sets. Add in the cost of cable/satellite bills, dvd"s, movie subscriptions, peripherals … and we’re starting to talk about real money.
  6. It impairs your capacity for rational thought.TV oversimplifies reality. It presents subjects in a matter of minutes and everything is nicely wrapped up at the end. This harms clear thinking by conditioning you to expect that most problems have a simple, clear solution that can be implemented in 60 minutes or less.
  7. It is bad for your health. Numerous studies (and common sense) draw direct parallels between excessive television watching and obesity.
  8. It results in less satisfaction with life. According to the Journal of Economic Psychology, TV viewers report lower life satisfaction, higher material aspirations, and more anxiety.
  9. It results in less sex. Couples who keep a TV in the bedroom have sex half as often as those who don"t. And if you ask me, that should be reason enough…
  10. Its opportunity cost is too great. The average American watched an average of 5.1 hours of television per day in 2009. That"s time you could have spent exercising, eating a meal together, entertaining, enjoying nature, meditating, enjoying a hobby, reading a book, or fulfilling a dream.

  (一)Who Keeps Such a Grand Birthday?
  Five years ago Liu Dong and his wife began to work in Amer。ica. Before they left China, they asked his mother to1their two-year-old son Liu Lu. Last August the old woman2her son. In the letter Liu Dong said he wished them to3with them in New York. Of course, the 。old woman and her grandson were both4and flew to the biggest city in the world soon after that.
  Mr Liu5his son English at home and the boy6a lot after a year. Now he can both speak and write. And he can7the American children in their building in English.
  Liu Dong sent his son to8school nearly four months ago. The boy has enjoyed9in the American school. He can catch what his teachers say 10 and do all his homework by himself. Now he 11several American children and he often plays with them.
  It was12 20 and Christmas was coming. Liu Lu came back and said,"We"re going to have a week holiday the day after tomorrow, Grandma."
   "One of my classmates will keep(庆祝) his birthday."
   " 14 ?" the old woman said in surprise. "Who"s going to keep such agrand(隆重的) birthday?"
   "I don"t know," answered the boy. "I 15 his name is Jesus Christ(耶稣基督)."
  1. A. get on well withB. take care ofC. catch up withD. operate on
  2. A. calledB. received C. heard fromD. heard of
  3. A. liveB. studyC. rest D. travel
  4. A. sadB. sorryC. worriedD. happy
  5. A. showedB. readC. taught D. asked
  6. A. forgot B. foundC. remembered D. learned
  7. A. talk withB. look for C. play withD. fall behind
  8. A. nearB. the nearestC. far D. the farthest
  9. A. herB. herself C. him D. himself
  10. A. in class B. at homeC. on his wayD. in the buses
  11. A. has known B. has made friends with
   C. has hurtD. has troubled
  12. A. SeptemberB. NovemberC. DecemberD. January
  13. A. whyB. whatC. whichD. whom
  14. A. SorryB. InterestingC. ReallyD. Wrong
  15. A. seeB. listenC. guessD. hear
  (二)The Thief"s Excuse
  Bill was the only son in his family. His parents1him to his sisters. All his family were often busy2him. They looked after him and he did nothing at home. He didn"t put his3into his studies and learned little at school. Later on his parents 4and his sisters married. He couldn"t live on without their help. At first his sisters found a job for him, but he thought it was5and left the facto。ry. He sold his house and got some money. He had to6in the park in the night.
  About half a year he7it all on his food and clothes and the young man got into trouble.
  One evening Bill was so8that he couldn"t fall asleep. He was walking in the street to look for some food. He saw an old man9his bike in front of a shop and went in. He looked around and there was nobody there. He 10it away quickly. He went to a village the next morning and11it to a farmer. Since then on he began to steal in the town.
  The Buffalo and the Tiger
  There was once a farmer who had a buffalo who was made to work in the field.One day the farmer said to the buffalo, "You are indeed a slow and lazy animal.Look at the tiger.How strong and fast it is."
  The buffalo was angry and said, "Master, take me to the tiger and we shall see who is stronger."
  His master only laughed, but agreed to take the buffalo to meet the tiger.When the tiger saw the buffalo, he was happy and said to himself, "Today I am going to have buffalo meat."
  The buffalo said to the tiger, "Mr. Tiger, my master thinks you are stronger than I am. Let us see if he。 is right. I shall let you bite me three times, but you must let me butt you three times in return."
  The tiger agreed and the buffalo immediately wallowed in the mud and covered his body with mud and leaves.
  Then the buffalo said to the tiger, "Mr.Tiger, I am ready." 。The tiger at once pounced upon the buffalo, but he could 。not bite through the buffalo"s thick skin and mud.
  The buffalo said to the tiger,"Well,it is my turn now.
  Then he threw the tiger down with the first butt and killed it with the second.The farmer was surprised by what he saw and after that he became very kind to the buffalo.
  水牛对老虎说:“好了,现在轮到我了”  接着水牛一角就把老虎顶倒了,第二角就把老虎顶死了。农夫看到这一切,大为惊讶。从那以后,他就开始善待水牛了。




  The Ugly Queen
  In the ancient times, a queen ruled a beautiful country with green mountains an。d clear waters.While all the people of the country were very beautiful, the queen was extremely ugly. She had a short and fat body with a hooked nose and a crooked mouth.She was so ugly that nobody wanted to see her, for when they did they wouldn"t help laughing.
  The queen was so angry at heruglinessthatshewould lose her appetite for food, especiallywhencomparingher own image in the mirror with those of other people.
  She lay on her bed thinkinghowtobeautifyherself:there was no use in applying any powder on her face... Suddenly she had an idea: if she could smash all t。he mirrors in the country,the people would have no way to compare their images with hers without seeing their beauty.
  And then she gave a "ro。yal order" and commanded all the people to smash their mirrors.Anybody acted against the order was to be put to death immediately. And now she felt relieved and thought nobody could find out who was beautiful and who was ugly.
  One autumn morning, she took many woman attendants to play along a lake.The lake was as clear as a mirror. The attendants laughed proudly when they saw their beautiful figures reflected in the lake.The ugly looking queen also saw her reflection and found it as ugly as before.She got so angry that she trembled.In great anger, she came up with an idea: simply tramp the big mirror till it breaks. She used all her power and jumped into the lake. Splash! The ugly looking queen fell into the lake.She struggled for a while but failed to get out of the water and sank to the bottom.
  Soon the water returned to its normal quietness and clarity.
  Now when people pass by the lake, their beautiful images are still reflected as clearly as before in the water.



  draw cakes to allay hungry-feed on illusions
  This idiom comes from Records of Three Kingdoms· Kingdom of Wei · Biography of Lu Yu. When Lu Yu, the minister of the State of Wei was young, his parents and brothers all died one after another, and he became an orphan. In such a difficult situation, he still studied very hard. Finally he became a talented person and served as a high。 official。of hisstate.Hewassouprightin performing his official duties that he was promoted to the minister of the Board of Civil Office, in charge of the officials" appointments and removals.
  Owing to the vacancy of Lu Yu"s original post, it had to fill up a new official for it. Although there were many officials to recommend some well-known people for the post, all were refused by Emperor Wen. He only let Lu Yu do it and also pointed out:"It depends on you whether we can find the right person for the important post. But we can"t choose someone only with fame in stead of his real ability. You see, the fame is just like drawing cakes on the ground to allay hungry."
  Then Lu expressed his idea:" You are right, YourMajesty, selections should depend on their real learning and abilities. But the real fame is still very important, such as self-possession and high moral character. So we should select 。people with both of them."
  Now we use it to describe comforting oneself with uealistic thoughts, without solving practical problemsand feeding on illusions.